SmartFuel is Tokheim’s advanced vehicle identification solution (VIS). It is an automated refuelling system that incorporates fuel payment based on vehicle identification with two options for both the retail and fleet environments. It has been designed for oil companies, fleets, and petrol station owners to help overcome many of the limitations inherent in traditional fuel card technology. It reduces fraud, improves customer loyalty and helps boost profits considerably.


How does it work?
  1. The nozzle is inserted in the fuel tank. The vehicle tag details are validated by the POS. Vehicle data, odometer or engine running time (for industrial vehicles) meter readings are transmitted to the Fuel POS during the authorisation process.
  2. Communication between the vehicle tag and the nozzle unit localises the transaction to that specific nozzle. When wireless communication between the vehicle and the nozzle is maintained, fuel may be dispensed. The system controls fuel type and eliminates cross contamination and unauthorised fuelling.
  3. Once refuelling is complete the nozzle is returned to the pump. There is no need to sign any paper because all refuelling details are automatically stored either locally or remotely. Transaction slips may be requested from the attendant.




Vehicle tagsmartfuel-tag_no-background

The vehicle tag is a contactless microprocessor that is installed in the vehicle. It identifies the vehicle to the POS, providing vehicle identification, fuel type, plus payment information. Odometer/mileage readings are transmitted automatically by the vehicle tag to the site controller at the time of refuelling.



smartfuel-nozzleNozzle RF Unit

The nozzle RF unit is a wireless device that slips over the nozzle and identifies the nozzle to the system. It’s a robust system that is easy to install and it does not require any adaptations to the nozzle. Only when the correct fuel nozzle is inserted in the fuel tank inlet will the authorisation be approved and fuel dispensed into the vehicle.



Driver Tags (optional)tokheim-key

Tokheim’s hand-held driver tag is a “microprocessor-based Smart Card” that the fleet driver can present at the pump for driver identification. It can only be used in conjunction with the vehicle tag. The Driver Tag does not contain any method of payment and is for driver identification only; offering a greater level of security.


  • Reduce fraud
    SmartFuel requires “the right amount of the right type of fuel in the right tank”. There is no possibility of filling up another vehicle or a jerry can.
  • Improve loyalty
    SmartFuel helps create barriers of entry against your competitors when it becomes the preferred payment method for vehicle fleets.
  • Faster and more reliable data
    Refuelling information is transmitted electronically, allowing for enhanced data processing without human interference.
  • Accuracy of information
    Accurate reporting of vehicle usage and fuel consumption across fleets. Helps you manage your wetstock more effectively.
  • Easy installation
    Easy to install and connect to existing EPOS or fuel management systems across a network.
  • Local knowledge, global team
    Tokheim has an international support network that puts service first. We are there every step of the way to find effective solutions to complex retail challenges.
SmartFuel explained