Tokheim’s Minibox is an entry-level fuel station management system that’s perfectly suited for smaller stations with forecourt attendant service. The user-friendly industrial hardware allows you to manage a forecourt with up to 8 dispensers, effortlessly connecting to Tokheim’s card payment solutions.


payment-slim3Connect to Crypto VGA

Minibox offers a gateway to connect to Tokheim’s renowned outdoor payment terminal family, Crypto VGA, to a range of debit, credit and fleet card hosts. The Crypto VGA range includes standalone, dispenser integrated, and bank note acceptor outdoor payment terminals.



minibox-hardware-smallSimple, effective hardware

Minibox is a compact solution set for easy installation in locations where space is limited. It is supplied with a 12″ colour screen, integrated keyboard and touchpad mouse as standard. The service station manager can easily activate the required applications to manage the fuel retail station through a .NET platform. Reports can be quickly exported and printed in a professional format.



Security you can trust

The Minibox is MID certified. This means you can have peace of mind that your fuel is being correctly measured and your data is being handled in a secure process.