Fuel POS


Fuel POS, Tokheim’s industry-leading EPOS, helps you manage all aspects of your fuel and retail business. It combines an easy-to-use touchscreen interface with powerful management and analytical software tools. It allows you to connect seamlessly with all other systems on your service station including dispensers, indoor and outdoor payment, CCTV, tank level gauges, pole-sign, back office and car wash. This level of integration makes life easier, helping to provide you and your staff with more time to better serve your customers.




fuel-pos-touchscreenIntegrated eMIS

Fuel POS is provided with an easy to use set-up application called eMIS. This powerful and intuitive software allows quick and accurate placement of data onto your new Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS or POS). Setting up of forecourt fuel grades, tanks and pumps is configured swiftly; shop article details like description, department and barcodes are simple to add.




instore-salesInstore sales

Fuel POS is easy to use with clear icons, audible alerts, simple pop-up windows, a carefully designed touch-screen layout and article selection with screen shortcuts. A marketing app that controls discounts, happy hours, promotions, and loyalty programs allows you to effectively manage your shop. Combining all this with eMIS means you can run detailed and accurate business reports to optimise your sales and stock levels.




featuresTokheim-497-retouchedlow-resForecourt control

Connect to all types of fuel dispensers on your forecourt with ease through a fully integrated digital pump controller. The risk of drive-offs is reduced through built-in alerts, integrated video imagery and through fuel prepayment features.







fuelpos-wetstockWetstock & Tank management

Smart wetstock management capabilities help reduce fuel losses and improve compliance for your service station. The system comes with automatic tank calibration, wetstock reconciliation, leak detection and fully automatic delivery detection features. Fuel POS helps you manage your fuel as easily as you manage your stock.



Fuel-POS-credit-cardReliability and security

Fuel POS is the preferred EPOS system for international oil companies and independents alike because its uptime is industry renowned. Your service station can rely on a solution that is fast, stable and ‘future-proof’. Our payment security development meets the PCI’s strictest requirements so you are better protected from fraud; now and in the future.



Training and support
Reports overview

Fuel POS has a powerful and in-depth set of tools to help you manage your shop and your wetstock. To get the most out of your Point of Sale you’ll need the right support and training. Tokheim has direct operations and support staff in more than 30 countries. We have designed a set of multi-lingual intensive training courses to get you up to speed and we’re just a telephone call away if you need assistance in the future.

Fuel POS helps you to manage your overall business more effectively. The sophisticated reporting features help you evaluate where you are doing well and areas where you may be able to improve. Available reports include workforce management, shift reports, cash management, sales activities, access control and wetstock management. Many more are available

Additional applications

Outdoor-Payment-FPOutdoor payment

The Crypto VGA from Tokheim increases your options, makes your site more secure, helps reduce drive-offs and ultimately helps increase profit.

More on Crypto VGA



featuresKonnect-technology-group-greyBack Office

Tokheim’s Konnect Back Office is integrated with the Fuel POS to deliver a seamless user experience while maintaining the highest standards of security – it is available in more than 50 countries worldwide today. Tokheim’s Fuel POS also integrates with hundreds of local back office suppliers using a standard interface making data available for business intelligence, supply chain analytics, shipping/receiving, and inventory management. More on Tokheim Konnect



featuressmallSafePay-CR2_retur-2010-03-10-300dpiClosed cash handling

Safepay, our closed cash handling system, replaces manual tills with recycling cash systems. Payment is counted and correct change paid automatically. With SafePay, stores and staff are safer, cash differences and shrinkage is removed, and back office administration reduced. More on SafePay




CCTVCCTV & Security

Tokheim EYE is a cost-effective security solution that is fully integrated with Fuel POS. Search easily by receipt, event or time. The cashier can view images of the paying customer refuelling on their Fuel POS screen to avoid mix-ups. Other features include magnified zoom, ‘drag and drop’ media player and number plate recognition.More on Tokheim EYE




features-car-wash1Car Wash Integration

Fuel POS links directly to your Codax decoder and prints a unique 6-digit code for your customer on their receipt. Extra counter space is made available since there is no need for separate Codax Units. And because it’s fully integrated, reconciliation is at the touch of a button at day end.




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