Crypto VGA


The Crypto VGA from Tokheim is our most advanced outdoor payment system. The revolutionary touchscreen makes payment faster and easier for your customers. Intuitive onscreen graphics quickly and easily guide the end user through the debit, credit, and fuel loyalty card process. It’s not just about innovative design though; the Crypto VGA is an incredibly secure transaction solution with the latest PCI approvals and anti-fraud solutions.


510-detail10Touchscreen Technology

Provide your customers with a touch of innovation to differentiate your forecourt. A PCI compatible full colour touchscreen guides the customer clearly through the purchasing process. For fuel-card number plate and mileage can also be typed on the touchscreen and recorded. As with using any of today’s smartphones, clear images and icons make the whole process quick & simple and very user friendly, increasing throughput on your site.



payment-slim3Payment Methods

Payment technology is developing at a fast pace. We provide you with the secure, traditionally accepted payment methods such as Credit/Debit/Fuel Cards; and the latest emerging payment technologies such as contactless, RFID, and smartphone payment (NFC). All transactions are fully reconciled with the indoor EPOS or site controller, real time. More on payment




slimtouch-hand-securityAnti-Fraud Protection

Crypto VGA based payment solutions passed the PCI UPT (v3) certification, which is a dedicated approval scheme for un-manned payment devices. Tokheim has PCI approval to the highest level achievable, and the solution is certified by over 70 banks worldwide. The PCI (POI V3) approval provides you with peace of mind. It’s a future-proofed path (with approvals in place to 2020) providing the most effective security solution for

sensitive payment card information. We constantly update our hardware and software. Advanced anti-tamper and anti-skimming devices, and constant review of these, minimise the opportunities for fraud. A privacy shield is integrated in the design so that customers feel comfortable and relaxed using outdoor payment on your site. Additional security features include electrical lock and fraud detection sensors.


crypto-loyaltyLoyalty and Promotion

The Crypto VGA offers much more than just fuel payment. Customers can purchase a car wash, mobile phone top-up plus numerous e-Vouchers (e.g. discounts on food/drink items for a limited time period) can be dispensed from the touchscreen terminal. An optional barcode reader allows customers to redeem payment vouchers. The Crypto VGA also provides you with the direct customer interface tool to run exciting promotional campaigns.




crypto-paperPaper Perfect

The Crypto VGA is delivered with the industry’s largest paper roll for issuing receipts. It lasts up to 4 times longer than other OPT suppliers. This helps reduce the work burden on attendants, helps ensure your equipment stays running for longer, and it’s an essential feature, primarily for any unmanned site. As the 419-meter roll runs out, a simple sliding mechanism allows for quick and effective replacement without any need to access the secure environment of the Crypto VGA.



crypto-languagesMulti-Language Options

The Crypto VGA currently can communicate in 17 different languages, to help your customers fill up their vehicles without confusion. The user simply chooses their language at the start of any transaction and they are then quickly guided through the payment process. This helps simplify the overall payment and fuelling process and reduce the amount of time it takes to fuel a car.




crypto-serviceQuality and Service Benefits

Engineered at Tokheim’s European manufacturing centre using innovative, strong, and robust components, the Crypto VGA benefits from Tokheim’s renowned Quality testing processes. A digital maintenance card platform carefully monitors any work carried out on the device by service personnel. The interactive instructions guide any third party technicians through the process for improved HSSE and all data is centrally stored before the engineer checks-out from the OPT.



barcode-reader-smallOptional Barcode Reader

Crypto VGA comes with an optional barcode module to read different types of barcodes. The scanning is simply done within the customer interface area. This is a great option if you wish to validate credit notes from the BNA, redeem payment vouchers or increase sales through a variety of loyalty applications.




VIDEO: Crypto VGA explained

VIDEO: Maxol customer story

  • Base:
    • iMX31 secure processor
    • 6.4” colour VGA display with a touch screen which is a PCI compatible PIN pad too
    • EMV & PCI PTS POI compatible secure hybrid card reader (magnetic stripe + chip)
    • Thermal ticket printer with paper detection with large paper roll >400m •
    • The printer unit can be accessed separately to provide enhanced access to the extended paper roll
    • LAN connection to POS system
    • Privacy shield integrated in design
    • Electrical lock (application driven)
    • Fraud detection sensors
    • Power supply: 1 phase 230V AC
    Other features:
    • Loyalty
    • Remote diagnostics
    • Audio/visual instructions
    • Intervention-, fuel delivery- and service access card
    • RFID contactless reader integrated in design
    • Barcode scanner
    Environmental conditions:
    • EMV level 1&2
    • PCI PTS POI v3 including UPT certification
    • Common Criteria EAL4
    • Variety of National and Regional bank approvals
    • TQM
    • European approvals (W&M/MID, OIML, EMC, Safety etc.)
    • Ambient temperature: -25°C to +60°C for standard configuration
    • Relative humidity: 5% to 95%, non condensing
    • -40°C to +60°C for extended configuration
    • Opening for card reader and printer result in an IP23 rating, while remaining design and sealing is IP54.
    • Extensive national bank approvals

    As Tokheim regularly improves its products in line with evolving market and regulatory requirements, it reserves the right to change any of the specifications of these products without prior notice.