Vapour Recovery


Not all vapour recovery solutions are the same. They vary in accuracy, reliability and power consumption. The technology they are built upon also varies greatly. Tokheim is a leading specialist in the field of vapour

recovery (VR). Our porfolio of electronic VR solutions are widely regarded as being the most accurate, reliable and cost-effective solutions in the marketplace today.


We provide two options for Stage II VR dispensers: an open loop solution (ECVR-OL) and a self-calibrating system (ECVR-SCS). We also provide these as retrofit kits for Tokheim and third party dispensers.
In recognition of future environmental legislation a set

of sophisticated VR applications can be supplied on board as standard on all our new calculators – ensuring that there is no need for additional VR electronics. This leads to less components, more space, less power consumption and fewer cables.


Tokheim ECVR Open Loop Solution (ECVR-OL)

Tokheim’s Electronically Controlled Vapour Recovery Open Loop (ECVR-OL) utilises Tokheim’s powerful TQC calculator to accurately control the VR. This entry-level solution provides greater accuracy* (*typically 100% +/- 0.05) as well as a reduced power consumption

requirement from the pumping unit* (*33% less than other manufacturers). The ECVR-OL solution comes with no moving parts making it more reliable and less likely to require servicing at the dispenser.

Tokheim ECVR Self Calibrating Solution (ECVR- SCS)

Tokheim’s Electronically Controlled Vapour Recovery Self-Calibrating System (ECVR- SCS) has an additional number of features to ensure that your VR unit does not require any manual recalibration once it’s commissioned. The system combines the robust and established architecture of the ECVR-OL with our patented Vapour Flow Meter (VFM).  The calibration data is updated and analysed after every fill and transaction; this is compensated automatically for any vapour loss variation ensuring 100% accuracy.

Operational safety and efficiency is further improved by real-time analysis functionality.

With the ECVR-SCS solution service call outs are greatly reduced through remote diagnostics and forecourt staff can get on with their job without having to worry about dispenser alarms or faults. The system has a lower total cost of ownership through reduced recalibration and maintenance costs over its lifetime.

Retrofit Vapour Recovery Solutions

Tokheim provides both the ECVR OL and SCS as retrofit kit solutions for Tokheim and 3rd party dispensers. Tokheim’s installation teams provide direct local assistance in more than thirty countries to ensure the kits are installed correctly in line with local regulations. The retrofit kits are widely recognised and accepted by a range of W&M bodies and authorities. The kits are

compact in design to guarantee easy integration, even in older, less sophisticated fuel dispensers where space may be more limited. A complete set of documentation for installation technicians and users is available in multiple languages, as well as local training programmes.