TQP (Tokheim Quality Pump)


Tokheim’s TQP Suction Pump has proven its reliability and performance time and again in the toughest conditions and most hostile environments. More than 1 million units are installed today. Low electrical power consumption and high quality performance makes this

unit a cost-effective pump. We offer two types of pumping units: the Tokheim Quality Pump – Regular Speed (TQP-RS) or the Tokheim Quality Pump – High Speed (TQP-HS).


Tokheim Quality Pump – Regular Speed (TQP – RS)

The TQP-RS uses a rotary vane pump with carbon blades that produce exceptional suction power even when the pump is dry. A patented, fully static device using a vortex effect provides air elimination to extreme tolerances.

The TQP’s engineering ensures a reduced noise level onsite at speeds of 40/80 LPM. And, the low electrical power consumption further reduces the total cost of ownership for your Quantium dispenser.

Tokheim Quality Pump – High Speed (TQP – HS)

The TQP-HS is a compact, innovative suction pump for high-speed applications (80/130 LPM). It is a self-priming suction pump with air separation unit. The pumping subsystem is a gear pump driven by an external electric motor and V belt.

The highly reliable pump is engineered and designed for easy future servicing; with easy access to all front and rear sub-assemblies and there is no need to dismount the whole pump module making the TQP-HS extremely maintenance friendly.