TQC (Tokheim Quality Calculator)


If the meter is the heart of any dispenser then the calculator is undoubtedly the brain. The TQC is a highly intelligent and reliable calculator that utilises the latest technology in terms of communication and performance.

It provides functionality that no previous calculators or media devices could deliver. It allows you to manage your fuel more effectively and engage with your customers more easily.

A revolution in dispenser communications and future-proofed technology

The TQC acknowledges the limitations of traditional calculators and, instead, it effortlessly connects the internal communications with the outside world. Built on Linux, utilising a powerful ARM9 processor, with Can-

bus technology for communicating gives you piece of mind that you have the most advanced calculator in today’s market and that your dispenser is ‘future-proofed’ to meet the technology changes of tomorrow.

Powerful Anti-fraud features

A powerful set of applications guard against tampering with your dispenser or attempts to manipulate devices. It is tamper-proof through a secure link between hydraulic controller and the main CPU, with encrypted internal communications adding enhanced security. The software and hardware is designed to prevent

manipulation of measurements with digital and physical tagging of all boards and peripherals. These designs ensure that you won’t suffer loss of fuel sales should there be a disconnection at the dispenser electronics or external manipulation of the pulser/meter.

Connect via TCP-IP

TQC has onboard TCP-IP facilities that can be activated as a gateway to the outside world. You can link into a local station network, either via IFSF over Ethernet or setup a link to a WAN for information exchange with central host systems. This allows for more effective servicing via remote diagnostics and the ability to run software upgrades remotely. And, utilising the TQC-VGA you can manage promotions or information running on the dispenser screens from your laptop from anywhere at any time.


Weights and Measures Savings

MID certification is one of the main recurring costs during the lifetime of a dispenser. Our ‘dual-software’ design helps save time and money associated with re-certification. With the dual software concept, the TQC software is split into Weights and Measures (W&M)

related software and non-W&M related software. Now, only W&M related software changes require MID re-certification and many new product enhancements can be done with an MID re-approval.

TQC-VGA – A 17 inch media solution

Tokheim provides a standard LCD Display on all our Q410 and Q510 dispensers, but upgrading to TQC-VGA is simple, and provides a strong return on investment. Tokheim’s TQC-VGA is an all-in-one 17 inch Media Head and Calculator that provides a medium for effective communication with your target audience.

Displays stimulate customers to increase average spend on impulse purchases as well as additional services such as car wash. Through T-Media’s easy-to-use schedule plan, you choose what presentations you’d like to run and when.