Quantium 410


The Quantium 410 is Tokheim’s global ‘H’ style, multiproduct dispenser. It provides a completely different feel and look to our 510 model, with ‘hanging hose’ design to provide excellent access and ease of handling. Greater uptime means your customers can

rely on your service station. Not only does the Q410 benefit from Tokheim’s renowned Quality, it is packed with the innovative, robust, and reliable components that add genuine benefit to your business.


Q410-hose-managementHose Management that’s easy to use for him & her

The 410 provides an effortless fuelling experience for your customers. Our hose management provides up to 4 metres reach for fast and convenient filling. Stringent testing ensures it operates day-in-day-out with minimal fuss. A sophisticated dispenser, the Quantium 410 comes with Tokheim’s innovative components as standard with the ability to upgrade to additional payment and media options.



Service-Interventions-BulgLess Service, Less Hassle

All of our dispensers and their components go through rigorous testing at our renowned manufacturing facilities. This is to make sure that they continue to operate over their lifetime without the need for constant service call-outs. Tokheim’s Quantium dispensers have been independently verified to have up to 50% less service interventions than that of competitors installed and supplied pumps. Greater uptime means improved throughput and your customers can rely on your service station for a faster and more pleasant refueling experience.


Tokheim_TQM_BUL_graphTQM – The most reliable, minimal-drift meter

The Tokheim TQM meter provides our customers with a solution that delivers immediate benefits in their Quantium dispensers. It is has been quality engineered to dispense fuel with (amazing) high accuracy and precision. The meter exhibits minimal drift performance over the lifetime of the dispenser, helping our customers to reduce fuel loss to a minimum. Its robust design ensures it is suitable to work in the harshest conditions with a wide variety of fuel types. This is important over the life-time of your dispensers as it leads to a reduction in replacement and intervention on clogged filters, resulting in more uptime, increased throughput and higher, more accurate sales across the forecourt.

510-detail2TQP – A proven, high quality pump

Tokheim’s TQP Suction Pump has proven its reliability and performance time and again in the toughest conditions and most hostile environments. More than 1 million units are installed today. Low electrical power consumption and high quality performance makes this unit a truly cost-effective solution.



510-detail3The TQC calculator, welcome to e-Dispensing

The Tokheim Quality Calculator (TQC) is Tokheim’s revolutionary ‘e-Dispensing’ solution. It provides functionality that no previous calculators or media devices could deliver. It allows you to control your fuel more effectively, engage with your customers more easily and helps you to manage your maintenance more efficiently. It acknowledges the limitations of traditional calculators and, instead, it effortlessly connects the internal communications with the outside world. Built on Linux, utilising a powerful ARM9 processor, with Can-bus technology for communicating gives you peace of mind that you have the most advanced calculator in today’s market and that your dispensers are ‘future-proofed’ to meet the technology changes of tomorrow.


TQC-VGA – A 17” media solutionTQC-VGA

Tokheim’s TQC-VGA is an all-in-one Media and Calculator platform that provides a medium for effective communication with your target audience. Displays stimulate customers to increase average spend on impulse purchases as well as additional services such as car wash whilst providing clear and effective guidance on the traditional fuelling experience. With an easy-to-use schedule plan, you choose what presentations you’d like to run and when. Tokheim provides a standard LCD Display on all our 410 dispensers -upgrading to TQC-VGA is simple and delivers a strong return on investment.





510-detail5Fraud Prevention

The Quantium 10 series platform has a variety of security and fraud preventive features. It is tamper-proof through a secure link between hydraulic controller and the main CPU, with encrypted internal communications adding enhanced security. Our software and hardware is designed to prevent manipulation of measurements with digital and physical tagging of all boards and peripherals. These designs ensure that you won’t suffer loss of fuel sales should there be a disconnection at the dispenser electronics or external manipulation of the pulser/meter.


Integrated touchscreen PaymentCrypto-VGA-Quantium

The design of Quantium 410 allows for easy integration of our renowned payment solutions. The Crypto VGA, Tokheim’s outdoor payment solution, is an all-in-one touchscreen and pin pad. It quickly guides the customer through the transaction process with a simple, clean and easy to use interface. The Crypto VGA increases your retailing options, makes your site more secure, helps reduce drive-offs and ultimately helps increase profits. It is one the most secure payment devices in the retail industry and the first to achieve PCI UPT certification. You can choose between a dispenser integrated Crypto VGA or a stand-alone payment terminal.



510-detail6Long-Lasting Livery

We have invested in a cutting-edge design facility with a specialist team that clads your dispensers precisely inline with your graphic requirements. ‘Our panels are made up of treated powder-painted aluminium cladding – providing long lasting life, in the harshest conditions.


510-detail7Energy Consumption

Quantium 410 is the most energy efficient dispenser Tokheim has ever produced. The TQC dispenser uses components that require less power and we use energy management software to help reduce the amount of power required. The lower power consumption significantly reduces your energy bill over the dispenser’s lifetime, and you can be sure that you are contributing to enhancing and protecting the global environment.



10Temperature Compensation

TQC includes Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) capabilities. The temperature coefficient of Fuel is 0.1%, so for every 1°C the fuel it is heated it expands by 0.1%. This fully approved technology allows you to dispense your fuel at 15°c.

This ensures you will not be penalised by ‘hot deliveries’ or ‘cold dispensing’.


11Vapour Recovery

Tokheim includes VR functionality on the TQC platform ensuring that there is no need for additional VR electronics. This leads to less components, more space, less power consumption and fewer cables. TQC’s architecture means that it will be easier to adapt your systems for future environmental regulations.



VIDEO: Quantium dispenser range in 3 mins

Basic Models*
  • Standard speed (40 l/min.)
  • High speed (80 l/min.)
  • Very high speed (130 l/min.)
  • Satellite models
  • Double-sided and single-sided models
  • Combined standard speed-high speed
  • Combined standard speed-very high speed
  • Lifting slots solution for a safer installation

Flow rates depend on model, underground site layout, site altitude and ambient temperature and selected options.

Optional features
  • Electronically Controlled Vapour Recovery (ECVR)
  • Tokheim patented Self-Calibrating Vapour Recovery System – ECVR-SCS (including both monitoring and Self-Calibrating System)
  • Several vapour recovery ground connections
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Electronic calibration
  • Mains safety switch
  • Programming switch
  • Single-phase motor
  • Preset functions via push buttons or keypad
  • Unit price display per product
  • Product indication lights
  • OPT lamps
  • Speaker (one way sound)
  • IR remote control compatible
  • Ethernet Switch Connection
  • SD Card for calculator data back-up
  • Mechanical totalisers on meter
  • Anti-magnetic electro-mechanical totalisers (single- and double-sided)
  • Wide range of nozzles
  • 40/80 lpm speed selection
  • External filter pot for TQP-RS pump
  • Several hydraulic inlet options
  • Additional water filter
  • Leak Plate
  • Wide range of stainless steel flexible connections to ease installation
  • Submerge
  • Ground frame
  • Sightglass
  • Satellite connection single or double sided
  • E85 compliant
  • Breakaway couplings
  • Low temperature kit
  • Payment-integrated solutions for a wide range of markets
  • Narrow Canopy
  • Wafer Stainless Steel Hydraulic Top cover
  • Various stainless steel cladding solutions
  • Customised livery of complete dispenser
  • Fire and tilt detection
  • Media Head with 17’’ VGA screen
  • Fuel Theft Prevention

Only core features and options are listed. For more detailed information on available options, please contact your local Tokheim representative.

Environmental conditions
  • Ambient temperature: -25°C to +55°C
  • Cold climate: -40°C to +55°C (optional)
  • Temperature of fluid: -25°C to +25°C


  • Viscosity of fluid: < 10-4 m2/s
  • Relative humidity: 5% to 95%
  • Altitude: from sea level to 2000 m

As Tokheim regularly improves its products in line with evolving market and regulatory requirements, it reserves the right to change any of the specifications of these products without prior notice.