Automatic Temperature Compensation

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Automatic Temperature Accounting (ATC) from Tokheim is a fully weights and measures and NMi approved component that ensures you dispense your fuel at the same volume regardless of the temperature. As a general rule, the colder the tank temperature the more fuel you may be losing with each sale.

This is because fuel contracts in colder temperature and it expands in warmer temperatures. Many European countries, particularly in the East and Northwest, have a relatively cold average temperature, in which ATC is a component that can provide a clear and transparent return on investment.


The science behind the technology
  • Let’s take an example of a tank with an average annual temperature of 11.6°C.
  • The temperature co-efficient of fuel is 0.1% per 1°C of temperature change. This means that every time the temperature of the fuel increases/decreases by 1°C it expands/contracts by 0.1%.
  • European legislation allows you to dispense fuel at 15°C.So, your service station would save 0.34%* annually in fuel volume (*predicted saving based on 15°C -11.6°C= 3.4°C multiplied by 0.001)
  • A small service station selling 2.5 million litres of fuel per year would save 8,500 litres of fuel
  • With the rising cost of fuel, that’s potentially €15,000 per annum.


Two options

All new Tokheim dispensers can be ordered with integrated ATC. We also provide retrofit ATC kits for legacy dispensers. The kits are easy to install and the work can be completed in a few hours by a technician.

Importance of ATC

Fluids such as petroleum are sensitive to temperature fluctuations; as such the volume is directly related to the temperature. You want to make sure you are not losing out annually through temperature fluctuations as in many cases the delivery from depot truck to station tank is already compensated to 15 °C. ATC provides a fair way a fair way of dispensing for the fuel retailers and end customers. The system needs to be 100% reliable.


Tokheim’s stable and reliable “mechatronic” system utilises a robust temperature probe alongside quality tested mechanical parts. Our advanced pulser electronics work “real time” controlled by a powerful software application with sophisticated routines and algorithms. Tokheim’s ATEX certified ATC solution is applicable for all kind of fuels/products (petrol, diesel, LPG and more).