Fill Spot


Tokheim Rohe Bulgaria is pleased to present the product, the fruit of many years of effort. When developing ESFM FillSpot POS our highly qualified and industry-leading engineers took into account the specific needs of Bulgarian consumers and use their expertise and vast resources of Tokhaym Rohe Bulgaria accumulated over the years, created a product completely designed, tested and developed in Bulgaria meeting the needs on the Bulgarian market, obey all laws (H-18).

ECR FillSpot POS is an electron system with fiscal memory has a built-fiscal printer connection with the NRA in accordance with Regulation H-18 and electronically controlled 16 petrol. The system is designed for outdoor installation with operating temperature from – 20 ° C to +55 ° C. They support RFID cards and tags and access control can be exercised through a Web interface through a direct PC connection via TCP / IP protocol. The system allows for daily returns of stocks in tanks and turnover record in real time on all charges and connection level measuring system.

Electronic systems with fiscal memory (ESFM) “Fill Spot” is designed and constructed for service stations to corporate fleets and meets all the requirements of Regulation H-18 for the sale of liquid fuels in Bulgaria. Fill Spot consoles are profitable for outdoor installation, resistant to weather and tailored to departmental automotive, materials handling and agricultural machinery parks. Maximum oriented to the needs of the user, the system Fill Spot afford to maintain, track and analyze each pouring fuel, and each received delivery. Also possible are detailed daily reports on fuel tanks, pumps, cars and guides printed on the spot from the console or remotely through a convenient Web-interface. The option of authorization pouring through Identification, contactless (RFID) cards or tags through reader integrated into Fill Spot is an additional protection neotorizarano pouring (or theft) of fuel and allow individual work sites without constant human supervision, pour out drivers themselves. Moreover alone console Fill Spot also offers several options for communicating with a centralized system. First, the console can be connected directly to a PC or laptop via a network cable but full functional potential is achieved when the console is directly connected to LAN-network via TCP / IP, WLAN or GSM / GPRS / UMTS modems for remote access web-interface and FTP-server. This allows access to the console (by authorized persons) at any time and place to receive reports in real time on the state of the console made supplies and loads of fuel, which cars and drivers are charging what the available fuel in the tanks, etc. etc.