Мodule stations


Modular stations offered by Tokheim Rohe Bulgaria represent a completely finished product, ready for installation and commissioning. The system is ESFM, level system, petrol and fuel tank.

Our long experience has enabled us to select products with excellent properties that you provide, ensuring the highest level of quality service.

ESFM FillSpot POS is an electron system with fiscal memory has a built-fiscal printer connection with the NRA in accordance with Regulation H-18 and electronically controlled 16 petrol. The system is designed for outdoor installation with operating temperature from – 20 ° C to +55 ° C. They support RFID cards and tags and access control can be exercised through a Web interface through a direct PC connection via TCP / IP protocol. The system allows for daily returns of stocks in tanks and turnover record in real time on all charges and connection level measuring system. Read more

Automated measuring gBIG15 level measuring system is designed for measuring the level of fuel and water tanks to store fuel at gas stations and bases. The system is approved measuring device type, making it fully compatible with the requirements of Regulation H-18 for registering and reporting of sales outlets by fiscal devices in connection with the establishment of remote connection for data transmission of fiscal devices with the National Agency of revenue NAP. Read more

The column of light fuel Tokheim Quantium 110 is the last series of Tokheim x10. It has a compact design provides load the cars with one product and is made following the highest standards of quality Tokheim. Stainless frame and panels, piston flowmeter Tokheim Quality Meter, suction pump Tokheim Quality Pump flow with the 40/80/130 or 200 liters per minute. Universal computer head Tokheim Quality Calculator with LCD display and each high quality component used by Tokheim comply with the requirements for the measurement and calibration of the relevant authorities MID / OIML. Suitable for charging biofuel blends, which are specified in existing standards for unleaded EN228 and EN590 diesel fuels. The aboveground fuel tanks are even more dependent on the outside temperature. We Tokheim have thought about it and we can offer automatic temperature compensation. Read more

All double-skinned steel fuel tank that supplies Tokheim Rohe Bulgaria meet the European requirements for environmental protection related to the storage of hazardous fluids to groundwater. The two metal walls of the tanks are insulated with epoxy or polyurethane. The tanks are manufactured according to EN 12 285 as the base material is S235JRG2 according to EN10025. Each tank is passed through the test pressure of the inner layer 0.075 MPa 0.03 MPa or liquid air. The outer layer was pressure tested 0.04 air / fluid in accordance with EN 12285-1. The tanks have an outer cover as optional can be ordered with internal epoxy coating, tested at 6000 V. All tanks are delivered with valves and pipes, metal frame, painted and zamosteni. Available options:


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