Jet Wash

A new concept in Jet Washes

It doesn’t matter how demanding our customers are, we are even more.ISTOBAL proudly presents N’JOYWASH, a new generation of the most advanced jet washes on the market. A new concept in jet washes designed to satisfy your customers and maximise your profits… and now also based on the fun aspect of vehicle care. N’JOYWASH is a real vehicle SPA!

ISTOBAL has sought perfection in every last detail by designing N’JOYWASH, a unique range of jet washes. More efficient and more innovative, it combines state-of-the-art technology with more attractive designs. Jet washes which adapt to the specific needs of each customer, guaranteeing an impeccable finish in the most comfortable and efficient way.



When space is at a premium, N’JOYWASH offers you the PACK series, developed for 1 bay jet washes, which has all the necessary features to ensure a top quality wash.


The new ACCESS range of multi-bay jet washes is designed to offer a quick, agile and effective clean, giving the best quality wash with basic programs to keep your customers satisfied.


The new generation of jet washes AVANT offers a multitude of features and flexibility in order to adapt to the specific needs of each customer. It comes with a wide variety of programs so that each wash becomes a unique experience.