About us

Tokheim is a synonym for innovation in the petrol industry. The first marks the company left on the world were back in 1898. The founder, John J. Tokheim was trying to improve the gasoline dispensing methods at that time and successfully invented the “Tokheim Dome Oil Pump” in Iowa, USA.

This was the first step that placed Tokheim on the map and began their legacy which is growing and developing to this day.

Currently, Tokheim is represented in 22 countries around the world, making the company one of the biggest and leading manufacturers of fuel dispensing equipment and maintenance services.

Our Mission

Tokheim Rohe established in Bulgaria in 1993, bringing their world class level of quality and high standards to the market. Since then, the vision of Tokheim Rohe Bulgaria has been to continue the decade-long tradition in innovation and be the leader in delivering the utmost quality of products and maintenance services.

The traditions in Tokheim have been built during the many years of partnership with big petrol companies. We have a high reputation for providing safety, high standards, quality products and equipment which ensures not only secure environment for our employees, but also the safety and confidence our clients need during maintenance and installation activities.

Constant and vigilant Quality Assurance performed by internal and independent sources keep these standards the highest in the petrol industry.

Our Team

Each of our technicians participates in regular trainings to stay up to date with all new advancements in the petrol industry. We take the expertise of our team very seriously, which is why they undergo a wide range of courses for increasing their qualification and efficiency.

The educational process includes information and instructions on working with equipment of different manufacturers as well as managing filling pipes, automated pumps, fiscal systems, etc.

Tokheim Bulgaria is the leader on the Bulgarian petrol market, having the most highly qualified personnel with years of experience and practical expertise. At the moment, our team consists of

  • 111 employees:
  • 30 Engineers
  • 30 Electrical Technicians
  • 20 IT Specialists
  • 80 Maintenance Service Technicians

To deliver our fast services, the staff operates with vehicles, high-tech equipment and spare parts always at their disposal:

  • 60 Service Vehicles
  • 6 Off-Road Vehicles
  • 15 Service Centers Nationwide

Due to the wide reach of our service centers, the longest distance to a station of our client is not more than 60 kilometers.

Our Services

At the time, Tokheim Bulgaria works actively on over 20 contracts with companies from all over the country. Our responsibilities include services for Diesel Generators, Fuel Dispensers, Car Wash Stations, Payment Systems with software support, as well as Technical Maintenance Services (Under Warranty and Out of Warranty).

To provide you with the convenience you need, our team offers services for equipment delivery for any type of products nationwide.

The scope of solutions provided by Tokheim Bulgaria covers four core elements:

Fuel Dispensers

A full range of models and options, optimized ergonomics, compact design, extra-quality components, stability and reliability. Our fuel dispensers are compatible with all types of fuel, designed to give your petrol station maximum efficiency. Each model is manufactured with the latest and highest petrol station requirements. The reason they are delivered by Tokheim Bulgaria is to exceed your expectations.

Payment Systems

Smarter systems for a smooth running business. The industry-leading payment systems delivered by Tokheim Bulgaria help the management of every aspect of your petrol station. The combination of a touchscreen interface and powerful software for management and analytics allow you a seamless connection with all of the systems in your station, including the dispensers, payment, tank level, car wash and everything that allows your staff to focus on serving your customers.

Maintenance Service

Service and support is the main focus of Tokheim, not just in Bulgaria but all over the world. We have a carefully selected network of service and distribution partners to take care of your petrol station. The support team is available 24 hours, and our service technicians are always able to reach your location within hours. Always prepared for everything. Always supporting your best interest.

Project Management

During our 23 years of experience with Bulgarian clients, we have completed numerous projects for companies that develop worldwide networks of petrol stations throughout the country. Our work includes the consultant contracts for research and development, management of construction, as well as complete technical maintenance.

Emergencies are when you need a helping hand the most. A partner who is always ready and prepared. Rohe Bulgaria is at your side 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, always ready to respond to any challenging situation.