Modularity. Flexibility. Customisation. Quantium 510M.

After detailed research, analysis and consideration of changes in our lifestyles, habits of consumers and requirements of the ever-changing environment and demands of the fuel retail industry, Tokheim has developed the industry’s first truly modular and customisable fuel dispenser. Designed and engineered by the Tokheim team of global experts, the Quantium 510M fuel dispenser is a scalable and modular model that allows structured investment to be made on the forecourt if and when required.

The main advantage of the Quantium 510M model is the full flexibility it offers by enabling our customers to choose any set of options or features they require to suit their forecourt, end-users and wider business. You can select the electronic display and user interface, this could be a TQC-LCD display or a TQC-VGA interactive media display, with variable screen sizes to provide best solution for you and your targeted users. You can also decide what hose management system is best suited for your site and application such as a hanging, semi-retractable or full retractable solution. The M model also offers a variety of payment systems to be integrated seamlessly within the dispenser: Crypto VGA and/ or our Mobile Payment solution can be delivered from the outset or installed effortlessly as a future upgrade if so desired.

“Tokheim has developed the industry’s first truly modular and customisable fuel dispenser. The Quantium 510M model offers the customer full flexibility.”

Not sure how your business needs might change later in the future? Quantium 510M can accommodate the changing demands of the business and customers very easily. The dispenser has been designed with full flexibility in mind to allow you to upgrade or change certain features and options as and when you wish.

The newly launched model maintains the quality and reliability of the Tokheim Quantium family, equipped with the innovative, robust and global components, delivering long-term and genuine benefits to our customers around the world.

Watch our newly launched video to find out more about the Quantium 510 M modular dispenser.