If you’re looking to establish an unmanned station you’ll need to safely house all the systems and electronics for your site. Voyager, from Tokheim, is a robust and secure all-weather unit that has been designed to store outdoor payment terminals, tanklevel gauges, site controllers and additional equipment such as routers or modems. A solid exterior encloses an adjustable set of cabinets and shelving units that provide storage flexibility for today’s modern wiring and equipment.


VoyagerVoyager with Crypto VGA

Voyager can house a single or double-sided Crypto VGA, our most advanced outdoor payment system. The revolutionary touchscreen makes payment faster and easier for your customers. Intuitive onscreen graphics quickly guide the end user through the debit, credit or fuel card process. It’s not just about innovative design though; the Crypto VGA is an incredibly secure solution with the latest PCI approvals and anti-fraud solutions.More on Crypto VGA



Security – Inside and out

As an option, we offer additional protection systems such as electromechanical lock, and detection sensors on the doors. This guards against any fraudulent attempts to tamper with your electronics. Inside, the Crypto VGA’s digital maintenance card platform carefully monitors any work carried out on the device by service personnel. The interactive instructions guide any third party technicians through the process for improved HSSE. All data is centrally stored before the engineer checks-out from the OPT.

A tough, robust exterior

The Voyager enclosure is rated to protection class IP54 with optional internal temperature control. The IP54 ensures the electronics are protected from foreign objects and deposits of dust as well as protection from external water ingress. The small external cover gives additional protection for water intrusion, as well as holding the optional lighting.


slimtouch-hand-securityAnti-Fraud protection

Crypto VGA based payment solutions passed the PCI UPT (v3) certification, which is a dedicated approval scheme for un-manned payment devices. Tokheim has PCI approval to the highest level achievable, and the solution is certified by over 70 banks worldwide. The PCI (POI V3) approval provides you with peace of mind. It’s a future-proofed path (with approvals in place to 2020) providing the most effective security solution for sensitive payment card information. We constantly update our hardware and software. Advanced anti-tamper and anti-skimming devices, and constant review of these, help reduce chances of fraud. A privacy shield is integrated in the design so that customers feel comfortable and relaxed when using outdoor payment on your site.